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Timber decks are our specialty. We pride ourselves on professional creativity in this field. Whether you want to enhance your courtyard,...
Custom Decks and Fences offer you an almost limitless range of outdoor trellis and timber fences that will suit you and your home, section..
There’s nothing like spending a scorching summer afternoon relaxing by the pool. Whilst it is great to have an outdoor swimming area for entertaining, a well-designed ...
Custom Decks can provide a range of timber, steel and glass handrails or balustrades. Each design can be incorporated into pool fencing...
Enhance and add value to your outdoor entertainment area with a stylish pergola....
Retaining walls will add dimension and perspective to any landscaped garden....


Custom Decks & Fences can provide a range of timber, steel and glass handrails or balustrades

All handrails can be installed onto new or existing decks, retaining walls, concrete or paved pathways or lawns. Each design can be incorporated into pool fencing specifications. All handrails are built in accordance with the current building code.

When installing a new handrail on an existing deck, we will always inspect your existing decks substructure first, to ascertain whether it is structurally sound or if it is unsafe and/or needs attention. You can rest assured knowing you will get professional advice on the condition of your existing deck.

Steel Handrails

Steel balustrades and fences are available in any colour you choose, and provide a versatile solution that suits a wide range of environments. This system can be side fixed or top fixed to your deck.

Timber Handrails

Wooden handrails are strong, durable and create a natural look that fits well with wooden decking. We can customise a timber handrail into almost any design you can dream up and incorporate it into the NZ regulations that surround handrail designs. Timber handrails can be side fixed to your deck or mounted inside the deck framing to hide any fixings.

Glass Handrails

Glass handrails provide a visually stunning appearance and are great for houses that have a beautiful view from their deck. We can install compliant frameless glass handrails or with a stainless steel rail. We install stainless steel side fixed disc mounted glass handrails, stainless steel vices to firmly hold your panes of glass or aluminium posts powder coated in your chosen colour. All can be top or side fixed to your deck.


We currently cater for the North Shore, Central City suburbs, West Auckland and the southern areas of the Rodney District
For all enquiries, please contact the team at Custom Decks and Fences.